Past events

Over the years members have visited a number of historically important organisations - this section summarises the events, with links to full reports as necessary.

2012 Programme


3rd May 2012

Arrive 10.30 at the Sammy Ofer Wing Entrance – access is via King William Walk i.e. on way up from river. There is a cloakroom and café to wait in if needs be. Entry is free.

  • 10.45 - Privately conducted tour of the Sammy Ofer wing
  • 1300 - Sandwich lunch @ about £15.50 per head, payable on the day
  • 1400 - Afternoon tour of behind the scenes; items relating to yachting and to Jubilee River pageants


12th July 2012

During Panerai British Classic Week
Very informal for anyone wishing to have a day out in Cowes. Rosemary Joy, Robin Richardson, Sheila Caws, Peter Shanks, John Terry, John Power, all local members, would welcome, host and guide any members, with map and suggestions for a full day of interest in the heart of yachting.

Possible points of interest: The British Classic Yacht Club Regatta attracts many boats to Cowes; (viewable from the marina and racing viewable from Rosemary or Robin’s gardens, binoculars provided!) Max Aitken Museum; Classic Boat Museum; Beken of Cowes shop; John Power’s steam launch; possible tour of RYS pictures; Ratsey building and some records; open house from 3 local members


13 - 14th September 2012

  • Arr. Thursday afternoon, supper together TBC
  • Tour of Steam Museum (not yet open to the public) – Friday morning
  • Seminar TBC Friday afternoon
  • Dinner TBC – Friday evening
  • Saturday – at leisure to tour or depart

Visit to Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club

September 2008

A weekend visit, including a visit to and demonstration of the historic Denny towing tank, McLarens bookshop and the Scottish Museum of Transport - see full report [links]